Counseling in Tokyo

Counseling & psychotherapy for mood disorders in central Tokyo or by Skype

10-min walk from Nakameguro Station (Fukutoshin/Hibiya/Toyoko Lines). Open 7:30am to 11:15pm.

Professional psychological counseling, mental health support, and psychotherapy in both English and Japanese in central Tokyo (Meguro-ku, Shibuya-ku, Setagaya-ku, Minato-ku area of Tokyo), Japan. Skype counseling is also available.

Counseling Tokyo is an English speaking counseling service in Tokyo with a focus on the treatment of anxiety, panic disorder, and depression. Anxiety, panic, and depression are very common feeling states that require both an in-depth knowledge of the latest treatments as well as a gentle caring-hand for their recovery.

Dr. Douglas Berger, the Director of Counseling Tokyo is a U.S. Board-Certified Psychiatrist who specializes in treating persons with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. See what we write about on Twitter:Counseling Tokyo, Twitter PageDr. Berger's Twitter PageMeguro Counseling Center Twitter Page.

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Counseling Tokyo provides counseling, support, and advice, for both the international community in English, as well as the local Japanese community in Japanese.